Minutes of Annual General Meeting 2008

Sunday, 16 November 2008
Held on irc.freenode.net, channel #odfriend

1. Commencement of meeting

Eric Lindsay
Jean Hollis Weber
Rob Unsworth
Sigrid Kronenberger
Lin M. Hall

Michelle Hallett
Lars Noodén
Gerald Smith
Ana Young

A quorum being present by 15 minutes after the advertised starting time (UTC 22:00 Sat 15 Nov or 08:00 Queensland time Sun 16 Nov), the President (Eric) declared the meeting open.

Jean noted that the apologies had all given her their proxy to vote on their behalf in favour of each of the motions on notice.

2. Minutes of previous Annual General Meeting

Jean presented the minutes of the AGM held on 16 December 2007.

Motion 1:
That the minutes of the General Meeting held on 16 December 2007 be confirmed as an accurate account of the proceedings of that meeting.

Moved Jean, seconded Eric. Eight votes in favour; one abstained; none opposed; motion was declared carried.

3. Accounts

Jean presented the statement of accounts (PDF) for the 2007-2008 financial year.

Motion 2:
That the statement of accounts for the 2007-2008 financial year be accepted.

Moved Jean, seconded Eric. Nine votes in favour; none opposed; motion was declared carried.

4. Appointment of Auditor/Verifier

Jean gave some background on this motion. Auditing or verification is required if the Association’s assets or revenue exceeds specified values in a financial year ($100,000 for Level 1, $20,000-$100,000 for Level 2). Our first year, we had to be audited (this was before the change in government regulations). Our second year, we only had to be “verified” because our income and assets were in Level 2. This past financial year we were a level 3 organisation (under $20,000), so we did not need auditing or verification; all we needed was a signed statement from the President and Treasurer, which is included in the PDF statement of accounts mentioned above. A Head for Business P/L is the company that did our audit and verification in the past.

Motion 3:
That A Head for Business P/L be appointed to audit or verify the Association’s accounts for the financial period 01 July 2008-30 June 2009, if auditing or verification is required.

Moved Jean, seconded Eric. Nine votes in favour; none opposed; motion was declared carried.

5. Election of Management Committee

No further nominations were received at the meeting.

Motion 4:
That the five people nominated for positions on the Management Committee, to serve until the next AGM, be declared elected.

The nominees are as follows:
President: Eric Lindsay
Vice-President: Lin M Hall
Secretary/Treasurer: Jean Hollis Weber
Committee member: Rob Unsworth
Committee member: Ana Young

Moved Jean, seconded Eric. Nine votes in favour; none opposed; motion was declared carried.

6. Management Committee’s Report

Jean presented the Management Committee’s report.

Lin moved that the report be accepted. Sigrid seconded. Nine votes in favour; motion was declared carried.

7. General business

Jean said that she would like to do more on behalf of the association, but has no time. Lin asked what could be delegated. Jean said two items were keeping the website more up to date (for example with news or a blog, but not duplicating what the OpenDocument Fellowship is doing) and expanding our publishing activities. Rob offered to help with the website. After Eric declared the formal meeting closed, the members present continued to discuss possible projects and who might do them. Jean will summarise this discussion and post a link to it soon.

8. Close

Eric declared the meeting closed.

Minutes recorded by
Jean Hollis Weber
Honorary Secretary
16 Nov 2008

EDIT: Log of meeting is here.
Projects wish list is here.

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