Management Committee’s Report July 2007 – Oct 2008

Under the Queensland government’s changes in auditing and financial reporting requirements for associations, which became effective 15 June 2007, in the financial year 2007-2008 we were a “Level 3” association, with assets under $20,000 and total revenue under $20,000.

The Association continues to handle income and expenditure for the OpenDocument Fellowship and OOoAuthors. Details of their sub-accounts are linked from the summary Cash Flow Report.

Publishing activities
Publishing of the OOoAuthors user guides for continues, with the second edition of the Draw Guide and the fourth edition of the Getting Started guide (both for OOo2.x, and both in English) published in April 2008. We also published two books produced by the German team at OOoAuthors: the Writer Guide and the Draw Guide. The first English edition of the Getting Started guide for OOo 3.0 is almost completed (October 2008).

The OOoAuthors books bring in a steady income of around USD$150 per month through the Lulu store (around 50 books). Now that OOoAuthors has some money in its account, Jean plans to also publish the OOo3 books through Lightning Source, so they will be listed on and The increased availability of the books should boost sales by more than enough to offset the extra upfront costs associated with getting books into the distribution channel for Amazon. Jean plans to use “Friends of OpenDocument” as a separate imprint within her personal publisher’s account with Lightning Source (which she has had for the past 6 years), so we can continue to use our Australian ISBN. (If we go through Lulu we can’t use our own ISBN, and the cost is higher — not a good combination.)

In January 2008 a new member joined the Association. We currently have 18 members. We have not been actively recruiting.