Management Committee’s Report July 2006 – Nov 2007

Minutes of the Management Committee’s meetings can be accessed through the links in the Meetings section of the website.

Some high (and low) points of the 2006-2007 financial year

The Queensland government’s changes in auditing and financial reporting requirements for associations became effective 15 June 2007. These changes are intended to make this easier and less expensive for small associations like ours. The new legislation defines three levels of associations, with differing requirements for auditing and financial reporting. For the 2006-2007 financial year, we were a “Level 2” association (defined as having either current assets between $20,000 and $100,000 or total revenue between $20,000 and $100,0000). Level 2 associations may have their financial reports “verified” by a person who can audit Level 1 associations, but an audit is not required. On that basis, we requested our appointed auditor (Ahead for Business Pty Ltd, Melbourne) to issue a verification statement for our 2006-2007 accounts.

The Association continues to handle income and expenditure for the OpenDocument Fellowship, which received a $10,000 grant for OpenFormula work from an anonymous donor in August 2006 and the first half of a US$30,000 grant for software development work from a different anonymous donor in October 2006.

Publishing activities
Jean purchased a block of Australian ISBN, in response to Lulu (our on-demand printing service) being forced by the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to withhold tax from our earnings on sales of books bearing ISBN supplied by Lulu unless we could establish that we are a non-US-based entity. After investigating the requirements and paperwork involved in dealing with the IRS, Jean decided the simplest move was to use Australian ISBN.

Publishing of the OOoAuthors user guides for continued, with a new volume (Impress Guide) published in July and updated versions of the Writer Guide in February and Getting Started in June.

No other publishing activity has occurred. Discussions with KOffice about publishing printed copies of their handbooks for v.2.0 stalled, due to a combination of technical issues and delays in program development. KOffice 2.0 is now due out sometimes in 2008. We will continue to investigate the possibility of publishing their handbooks.

Website changes
Due to a misunderstanding between Jean and our webhost provider (Gisol), through whom the domain name was registered, that name did not get renewed when it came due in August 2006. We now have a .com domain name. We later learned that Gisol will no longer release a domain name to its rightful owner, claiming they (Gisol) own the name and are simply “leasing” it to the user as long as the user maintains an account with Gisol.

In April-May 2007 Jean moved the Association’s website from Gisol to Dreamhost, along with all of her personal websites. Jean has a multi-domain web hosting account with Dreamhost, so there is no cost to the Association. Jean then moved the contents of the Association’s website into WordPress, making it easier to maintain. We now have blog capabilities as well as ordinary pages.

The Association had a display booth at the OASIS OpenStandards conference in Sydney in October 2006.

In July 2006 a new member joined the Association. In November 2006 Adam Moore (one of the founding members) resigned. We currently have 18 members. We have not been actively recruiting.

Page last updated 1 December 2007.