Management Committee’s Report July 2011 – Aug 2012

Publishing activities

This past financial year we published the following LibreOffice books in paperback, through
Getting Started 3.4
Writer Guide 3.4
Impress Guide 3.4, 3.5
Draw Guide 3.4

Calc Guide 3.4 and Math Guides 3.4 & 3.5 were published in July 2012.

LibreOffice books are now being sold through the Ubuntu Software Center (PDFs) as well as through (print and some ePub).


The Association continues to handle income and expenditure for the OpenDocument Fellowship, ODFAuthors, and the LibreOffice Documentation Team. Details of their sub-accounts are linked from the summary report on the website,

Two targeted accounts (ODF Toolkit and OpenFormula) listed for the OpenDocument Fellowship are no longer needed and the remaining money in them should be officially allocated to general funds, to be used for other purposes.

Other activities

Despite good intentions, Jean again hasn’t done anything further about disaster/ succession planning or website updating.

Jean worked with Simon Phipps to produce LibreOffice DVDs for use at conferences in the USA in July 2012. Jean also produced LibreOffice t-shirts (through CafePress) to wear and brochures to hand out at those conferences.

We have applied to be an affiliate of the Open Source Initiative,


Two new members: David Nelson and Simon Phipps.

Looking ahead

More of the same: mainly publishing, with some sponsorship of travel and conference handout materials.

Jean Hollis Weber
Honorary Secretary