Management Committee’s Report July 2010 – Nov 2011

Publishing activities

This financial year we published the following books through 3 Impress Guide, November 2010
Getting Started with 3.3, November 2010 3.3 Writer Guide, February 2011 3.3 Calc Guide, May 2011 3.3 Impress Guide, June 2011
Getting Started with LibreOffice 3.3, January 2011
LibreOffice 3.3 Writer Guide, January 2011
LibreOffice 3.3 Calc Guide, June 2011
LibreOffice Impress Guide, August 2011

Five other books were published in August 2011: 3.3 Draw Guide, August 2011 3.3 Math Guide, August 2011
LibreOffice Draw Guide, August 2011
LibreOffice Math Guide, August 2011 has converted several of our books, including “Getting Started with LibreOffice 3” and “Self-publishing with OOo” to ePub format. The results are not nearly as bad as I expected from my own trial conversions of OOo books over a year ago; the text is readable and the figures are in place and sized reasonably. However, the layout has suffered (this is related, at least in part, to choices made for styles and other layout features that enhance the appearance of the printed books). Also, Lulu requires purchases of the ePub to have Adobe Digital Reader (Windows and Mac) in order to download the ePub from Lulu’s website; this program is not available for Linux.


The Association continues to handle income and expenditure for the OpenDocument Fellowship and ODFAuthors (formerly OOoAuthors) and has added the LibreOffice Documentation Team. Details of their sub-accounts are linked from the summary report.

Outgoings this year included approx. $1,000 donation to Hirano Kazunari, a long-time member of the ODFAuthors group, for a shelter he set up for refugees from the earthquake in Japan; and $5,000 to The Document Foundation, as requested by the donor of a special fund no longer needed for its original purpose (OpenFormula).

Other activities

Despite good intentions, Jean hasn’t done anything further about disaster/ succession planning.

A planned stall in our name at the Open Day on Saturday 29th January 2011 in Brisbane did not go ahead. Eric and Jean decided to stay home after the January Brisbane floods; just as well, since Cyclone Yasi came through Townsville (where they live) a few days later.


No new members. We have not been actively recruiting.

Looking ahead

More of the same.

Jean Hollis Weber
Honorary Secretary