Report for Management Committee meeting April 2006

Submitted by Jean Hollis Weber, Secretary/Treasurer, 11 April 2006.

Membership Report

As mentioned in an email that I passed on to the committee on 6 March, we have received our first request for an organisational membership. The request is from the Florida Linux Users Group. They were nominated by Linda and seconded by me. Everyone on the committee agreed with accepting their membership.

The consensus seemed to be to not charge a membership fee, although Adam suggested “half price for nonprofit organisations”. Considering that we have decided on the amount of a fee for organisational membership, “half price” brings up the question “half of what price?”

The rules of the association say the fees are set by the membership, so at some point (probably just before the next Annual General Meeting, to be held around August) we need to propose a sum to the members and let them vote. Meanwhile we need to discuss this LUG’s application and make an executive decision.

Motion 1:
That user groups and similar organisations be charged no membership fee. (Moved by Linda, seconded by Lin)

Activity Report

Activities since the Management Committee meeting in January 2006:

In early February, I was approached by someone on behalf of another organisation (which does not wish to be mentioned in public) about handling funds for that organisation, but not naming it in our public reports. Because the organisation strongly supports OpenDocument publicly, and thus falls within our mission statement, Eric, Lin, Adam and I said “Let’s do it”. I passed this approval on to the contact person.

On a rather larger scale, in late February I became aware of the impending announcement of a group called the “ODF Alliance” and immediately wrote to the organiser to suggest that FoOD should be listed among the founding members. (There is no charge for membership.) My proposal was accepted and we were listed on the Alliance’s website when it was publicly announced on 3 March.

On 4 March I wrote to the committee to say that I had offered our services in handling funds to the Marketing List, which was at the time discussing the possibility of setting up bank accounts and non-profit organisations in various countries. Specifically talking about Australia and New Zealand, I said “No need to set up a separate organisation; we’re already here.” I received no response to my offer.

In late February I was asked by a member of the Spanish native-language group at for some information on contacting publishers about publishing a book. In addition to providing the requested information, I said that FoOD might be interested in publishing the book if the Spanish group was unable to find another publisher. I think it would be great to publish books in other languages in addition to English, though I’m not sure about the practicalities of editorial quality control without a Spanish-speaking editor available.

Financial Report

Please see the financial report for January-March 2006.

Motion 2:
That the Membership Report, Activity Report and Financial Report be accepted.

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