Report for Management Committee meeting 22 Jan 2006

Submitted by Jean Hollis Weber, 19 January 2006.

Membership Report

We have one new member since the General Meeting in October 2005, bringing our membership to a total of 18. We have deliberately not been recruiting.

Activity Report

Major activities since the General Meeting in October 2005:

  1. OpenDocument Fellowship has continued to develop its membership, activities, and website. In October I handed ownership of the ODF website over to Adam, who is an ODF committee member, so I am no longer the owner of that site. Also, as you’ll see in the Financial Report, the startup costs for ODF have now been repaid. FoOD is continuing to handle income and expenditure for ODF through our bank account and Paypal account, but otherwise we are not involved directly in their activities. We will continue to handle money until ODF makes other arrangements.

    I think we at FoOD can consider the ODFellowship a major success for us in our role of providing startup assistance to other groups promoting OpenDocument.
  2. In early November Linda and I set up an account at for FoOD and published two books written by the team at OOoAuthors. These books have been selling steadily, although they have had little or no promotion outside the OOo forums and mailing lists.

    The plan is for members of OOoAuthors to decide how profits from these sales will be spent, as this is in keeping with FoOD’s role as a “holding company” for other groups’ money. Expenses to be counted against the income before there are “profits” include the purchase of a global distribution option that Lulu offers; this option provides both an ISBN and listing at among other places.

    If and when the OOoAuthors group finishes the other books in the series, we plan to publish them too.
  3. In December Adam and I worked with J. David Eisenberg to turn his HTML book “OASIS OpenDocument Essentials” into printed form, to be published through Lulu. This book is in the proof stage and should be officially published this week. David has said that he wants the profits to go to the ODFellowship. We have purchased a basic ISBN service for this book (which gets it into Books in Print but not into Amazon) and are considering upgrading to the full service if and when the money is available. This book has a much smaller, more specialised potential audience than for the OOoAuthors books, so we’re still debating whether it’s worth the extra expense to get it into Amazon.
  4. Jean set up an “Associates” account at and, so we have the potential of earning commissions on any items sold through our links to those sites. So far no sales.

    Jean also set up an account at Cafe Press and made some merchandise (caps, shirts, coffee mugs, etc) with the ODF logo and slogan on them. Again, so far no sales (except to Jean herself).

    Both of these accounts cost nothing but a bit of time to set up, so if we never earn any money from them, it doesn’t matter.
Motion 1:
That the Membership Report and Activity Report be accepted.

Financial Report

Please see separate document distributed previously.
Note: since that report was compiled, money has been received for ODFellowship, specifically for expenses at SCALE.

Here is the way the budget (in US$) for SCALE was looking as of 14 January.

Income (US$)
Donated for purchase of ODE books and    
general expenses of booth
Projected: Book and CD sales 300.00
Send Jay to SCALE 300.00
Total 900.00
Expenses (US$)
Purchase of ODE books to sell 352.00
Banner 82.00
CDs (100 minimum purchase) 193.00
Printing handouts 250.00
Miscellaneous 23.00
Send Jay to SCALE 300.00
Total 900.00

Note: I have not included the “Send Daniel to SCALE” fund, as the money for that was not put through the FoOD account.

In addition to the general expenses listed above for SCALE, there is the launch of David’s book, which is really a FoOD expense, as FoOD is the publisher.

Book launch expenses (estimate)      US$200.00

This is an optional expense, intended to cover some refreshments (hors d’oeuvres) for the attendees at the book launch. (The venue is being provided free, and there will be a cash bar.) The money can probably be recovered through the sale of books at the event itself, but that is by no means guaranteed.

Motion 2:
That the management committee approve the items listed under “Planned expenses” at the bottom of page 2 of the financial report, as amended in the listing above.
Motion 3:
That FoOD take 50c per book sold through Lulu as our commission for doing the work, with a view to using this money to cover general expenses such as the website hosting fee and book launches, as well as providing a reserve of seed money for future projects.

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