Minutes of Management Committee Discussions Oct 2006

Conducted by e-mail.

1. Participants

Eric Lindsay, President
Jean Hollis Weber, Secretary/Treasurer
Adam Moore, Committee Member
Lin M Hall, Committee Member
Linda Worthington, Committee Member

2. Update on activities

Reported by Jean.

Publishing activities:
a) Changes at Lulu. Lulu is being forced by the US Internal Revenue Service to get more paperwork from us so they don’t have to withhold tax from our earnings from sales to US addresses. The instructions all refer to what an individual person must do (eg get an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number). I am following up on this, because we are an organisation.

Meanwhile, Lulu has changed their ISBN services. They no longer provide a $35 “basic” ISBN service under which we got an ISBN but no distribution to places outside Lulu. Instead, if we want an ISBN, we can choose between two distribution choices: “Published by Lulu” @ $99 and “Published by you” @ $149. I am looking into alternatives, such as getting our own ISBN (suggested by Lin) and not using either of Lulu’s distribution services.

b) OOoAuthors books. I published a second edition of the OOo 2.0 Writer Guide in August. It still doesn’t have an index, and some chapters still need work, so making a decision about whether to get an ISBN for it isn’t urgent.

c) KOffice handbooks. I’m discussing with KOffice about FoOD publishing their handbooks. They are keen to have us do that, but say there’s no rush because v2.0 of KOffice (due out sometime early next year) will be so different that it’s not worth spending much effort on the v1.x books. Some technical issues remain to be resolved.

Booth at conference:
We will have a display booth at the OASIS OpenStandards conference in Sydney 25-27 October. The ODF banner is on its way to me from the USA, and I’m putting together some flyers with info gleaned from the ODFellowship and ODF Alliance websites. Eric and I will staff the booth. Jonathon Coombes may be available to assist.

Grants for OpenDocument Fellowship:
In June I mentioned some grant money (targeted to ODF projects) would coming in from donors who wish to remain anonymous. The first installment of one grant, and all of another grant, has arrived, so we now have over A$30,000 in the FoOD account.

I sent the 2005-2006 accounts to the auditor in August, with a request to have them back by mid-November.

3. Decisions

No motions were put, so no formal decisions were recorded.

Minutes recorded by
Jean Hollis Weber
Honorary Secretary

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