Minutes of Management Committee Discussions Dec 2006

Conducted by e-mail.

1. Participants

Eric Lindsay, President
Jean Hollis Weber, Secretary/Treasurer
Lin M Hall, Committee Member
Linda Worthington, Committee Member

2. Activities

Resignation of Adam Moore:
On 18 November I received an email from Adam Moore, in which he said “My life has been changing dramatically in the last few years and we are going to be adopting a child soon so I need to rearrange where my priorities go… I will leave FoOD.”

Nominations for next year’s Management Committee:
In preparation for the Annual General Meeting, on 22 November I sent a call for nominations to the membership, with a nominating deadline of 6 December. Nominations were received from me, Eric, Lin, Rob Unsworth, and Ana Young.

Approval of audited accounts:
Committee approval of the audited accounts (distributed to committee members, and available on the FoOD website, as a PDF) is required, so I can present them to FoOD’s AGM.

Some comments from me:
* I have no idea what a “reporting entity” is, but if the auditor says we aren’t one, then I believe him.
* As for paying our debts, we have at the moment more money in the account than we need to cover known obligations. I will be putting the half-yearly unofficial accounts on the website soon after 31 Dec. From memory, we have roughly AUD12,000 in the bank account, and around AUD10,000 in obligations.

3. Decision

On 23 December I emailed the following motion to the members of the committee, who responded by email.


The Committee has determined that the association is not a reporting entity and that this special purpose financial report should be prepared in accordance with the accounting policies outlined in Note 1 to the financial statements.

In the opinion of the Committee the Income and Expenditure Statement, Statement of Financial Position, and Notes to the Financial Statements:

1. Presents fairly the financial position of Friends of OpenDocument Inc as at 30 June 2006 and its performance for the year ended on that date.

2. At the date of this statement, there are reasonable grounds to believe that the association will be able to pay its debts as and when they fall due.

Moved Jean, seconded Eric, agreed Lin. Eric declared the motion passed.

Minutes recorded by
Jean Hollis Weber
Honorary Secretary

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