Minutes of Management Committee Discussions Aug 2006

Conducted by e-mail.

1. Participants

Eric Lindsay, President
Jean Hollis Weber, Secretary/Treasurer
Adam Moore, Committee Member
Lin M Hall, Committee Member
Linda Worthington, Committee Member

2. Update on activities

Reported by Jean.

OOoAuthors books:
Sales of Getting Started with OOo and the Writer Guide continue, slow but steady. The new Migration Guide and Draw Guide have not been selling well, nor has OASIS OpenDocument Essentials. I’m sure this reflects the size of the audiences for these books, but I am considering how we can promote them better. The Migration Guide in particular has a potentially large audience that I’m sure is completely unaware of its existence.

The “Buy a printed copy” links to the OOoAuthors books were removed from the User Guides pages of the OOo Documentation Project’s website in late May, without anyone at OOo informing anyone at OOoAuthors. This event came as no surprise, as it was first proposed to the OOo Community Council in November last year. I have ensured that the links are present on the pages of the OOo website where they are allowed (Support and Third Party Documentation) as well as the Documentation wiki.

Auditor for FoOD accounts:
I have talked with three possible auditors, only one of whom seemed willing to take on the job. His name is Brian Jones. Business name: A Head for Business. Address: Level 10, 420 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne Vic 3004. His fee is approximately A$400, which I think is acceptable.

Forthcoming donations:
We may soon be getting one or more anonymous, targeted donations to pay for some development projects being carried out by the OpenDocument Fellowship. In at least one case (possibly both), a condition of the donation is that no one except Jean is allowed to know who is donating the money. (I have to know, because I am the treasurer and will see where the money
comes from.)

These will be the first significant chunks of money to pass through our accounts, so we need to handle them with utmost discretion. FoOD won’t be dealing with selecting people to do the development work or evaluating the work, just accepting the money and then paying for the work when invoices are submitted and approved by the OpenDocument Fellowship’s Projects Committee overseeing the contracts.

The Projects Committee has agreed to FoOD taking 1.5% of these donations to cover administrative costs such as paying for an auditor.

Domain name change:
Due to a misunderstanding between me and our webhost provider (Gisol), through whom the friendsofopendocument.org domain name was registered, that name did not get renewed when it came due in August. When I discovered the problem, we would have had to wait for over a month before we could attempt to get the name back (with no guarantee of success), so Eric and I (Jean) decided that the fastest and cheapest solution was to register the .com name through a reliable registrar that we have dealt with often. If we are able to get the .org name back later, I will alias it to the .com site.

3. Decisions by e-mail

Motion: That the Management Committee approve the appointment of A Head for Business P/L to audit our accounts. Moved by Jean, seconded by Adam, agreed by Eric and Lin.

Minutes recorded by
Jean Hollis Weber
Honorary Secretary

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