Minutes of Management Committee Meeting 21 Jan 2006

Saturday, 21 January 2006

Held on IRC, freenode, channel #food

1. Postponement of Meeting

Eric Lindsay (President)
Jean Hollis Weber (Secretary/Treasurer)

Lin Hall (technical problems)
Adam Moore (might be delayed leaving work)

A quorum was not present at the starting time of 2200 UTC, so Eric postponed the meeting for half an hour. At 2230 UTC, still no quorum, so Eric declared that the meeting would be conducted by email over the next few days. Given that the rules allow the management committee to hold its meetings as it sees fit, discussion and decision-making by email is allowed.

Jean noted that she had circulated prior to the meeting a document containing the following reports:

  • Membership Report
  • Activity Report
  • Financial Report for July-Dec 2005

Jean also noted that Lin Hall had emailed on 20 January as follows: ‘I’ve glanced through your Sec/Treas Report and did read the financial report from earlier. I’m prepared to second any or all of the three motions in the former.’

2. Decisions by Email

The following motions, presented by Jean in her Activity Report were seconded by Lin Hall. On 22 January, Adam Moore and Eric Lindsay voted ‘yes’ by email. Eric declared that all motions had passed.

  • Motion 1: That the Membership Report and Activity Report be accepted.
  • Motion 2: That the management committee approve the items listed under “Planned expenses” at the bottom of page 2 of the Financial Report, as amended in the listing given in the Financial Report.
  • Motion 3: That FoOD take 50c per book sold through Lulu as our commission for doing the work, with a view to using this money to cover general expenses such as the website hosting fee and book launches, as well as providing a reserve of seed money for future projects.

Minutes recorded by
Jean Hollis Weber
Honorary Secretary

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