Log of AGM 2009

This log of the AGM held on IRC on 25 October 2009 has been edited to remove unrelated topics such as Jean’s new house.

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(23:31:16) Sigrid: Hi, isn’t there today the meeting?
(23:33:59) lin [n=lin@C-59-100-85-102.bri.connect.net.au] hat den Raum betreten.
(23:43:20) lin: Hi everybody! Good morning.
(23:49:05) lin: Anyone here?
(23:50:18) JeanW [n=jeanwebe@124-171-176-244.dyn.iinet.net.au] hat den Raum betreten.
(23:50:40) lin: Hi Jean.
(23:50:41) JeanW: Hello Sigrid and Lin!
(23:51:18) lin: Sigrid? I don’t see you… anyway I can get into your area?
(23:52:44) JeanW: Lin, do you see “eskroni” in the list of people?
(23:53:18) lin: Oh, yes! I had just come to that conclusion… silly of me.
(23:53:48) JeanW: I’m going to get a cup of tea. Back soon.
(23:56:35) lin: We can wait…
(23:57:54) JeanW: I’m back!
(23:58:46) lin: So I see.
(23:58:51) JeanW: Ana Young is away. Hope Rob turns up. Eric will be along in a few minutes.
(00:07:16) Sigrid: Hi Lin and Jean.
(00:07:23) Sigrid: I thought I missed the meeting…
(00:07:36) JeanW: Hello Sigrid!
(00:07:48) lin: Hi Sigrid!
(00:07:50) JeanW: We’re waiting for Eric.
(00:08:04) JeanW: And Rob.
(00:08:09) Sigrid: ok, good. So there’s nothing done yet…
(00:08:27) lin: This is Queensland!
(00:08:45) JeanW: Lin means, we’re not always very punctual here.
(00:08:48) EricL_ [n=ericpc@] hat den Raum betreten.
(00:08:48) JeanW: 🙂
(00:08:54) JeanW: Hello Eric!
(00:08:56) lin: Oh, I should have added 🙂
(00:09:18) Sigrid: Don’t worry Lin.
(00:09:18) JeanW: I don’t know whether Rob is coming or not.
(00:09:39) lin: Hi Eric…
(00:09:45) Sigrid: I thought I missed the meeting, because it’s for me now 10 past midnight. 🙂
(00:09:48) Sigrid: Hi Eric
(00:09:56) JeanW: I think Eric is looking for the place to turn off the annoying sound that announces someone’s sent another message.
(00:10:00) EricL_: Hi everyone, thanks for attending.
(00:10:31) lin: Yes, I was just thinking of what time it was in Germany. You’ll be falling to sleep soon.
(00:10:49) JeanW: Sigrid is a late night person. 🙂
(00:11:01) Sigrid: Don’t worry. I’m used to be up late.
(00:11:15) JeanW: That’s why I don’t worry about having a meeting that is late for her.
(00:11:24) Sigrid: 🙂
(00:11:31) EricL_: Is this everyone? If so, we may as well say the meeting is open.
(00:11:47) lin: Ok.
(00:11:55) JeanW: I don’t know if Rob is coming, so we might as well start.
(00:12:07) EricL_: First item is to confirm the minutes (as per Jean’s email).
(00:12:23) JeanW: First item is to record the proxies. I have proxies from Kirsty Taylor, Michelle Hallett, Gerald Smith, and Ana Young.
(00:12:36) lin: He’s here in Ipswich – If I had a phone number I could call him?
(00:13:01) JeanW: Motion 1:
(00:13:01) JeanW: That the minutes of the General Meeting held on 15-16 November 2008 be
(00:13:01) JeanW: confirmed as an accurate account of the proceedings of that meeting.
(00:13:01) JeanW: https://friendsofopendocument.com/?page_id=94
(00:13:20) lin: I’ll move.
(00:13:30) Sigrid: I agree
(00:13:31) EricL_: I will second
(00:14:10) JeanW: I vote yes for myself and all the proxies.
(00:14:12) EricL_: Second item is statement of accounts, that Jean detailed.
(00:14:37) lin: I’ll move acceptance.
(00:14:54) EricL_: I also move acceptance
(00:15:01) JeanW: I vote yes for myself and all the proxies.
(00:15:03) Sigrid: I agree
(00:15:33) EricL_: Next item is auditor. Any additional comments Jean?
(00:16:23) JeanW: No comments on this right now, but I will have some things to say under General Business.
(00:16:43) lin: No questions from me.
(00:16:45) JeanW: The company I proposed as auditor is the same one that has done it before for us.
(00:17:48) lin: If you need a mover, I move the motion.
(00:17:52) EricL_: If everyone is happy with us verifying funds without audit, when funds are not high, I suggest we agree with the audit situation. I so agree.
(00:18:06) JeanW: Need a formal seconder. Is that you, Eric?
(00:18:14) EricL_: I will second.
(00:18:21) JeanW: I vote yes for myself and all the proxies.
(00:18:42) Sigrid: I agree
(00:19:09) EricL_: Next item is additional committee members. Are there any?
(00:19:29) lin: No, from me.
(00:19:35) JeanW: Any more nominations?
(00:20:03) Sigrid: None from me.
(00:20:23) JeanW: If not, then someone please move and second to elect the 5 people listed.
(00:20:38) lin: I move nominations be closed and that nominees be declared elected.
(00:20:45) Sigrid: I’ll second
(00:20:51) JeanW: I vote yes for myself and all the proxies.
(00:20:59) EricL_: I agree.
(00:21:57) EricL_: Any comments on the Management Committee report?
(00:22:06) JeanW: https://friendsofopendocument.com/newsite/?page_id=142
(00:22:19) JeanW: That’s the address for the Management Committee’s Report
(00:22:35) JeanW: (I had left off the page_id from the meeting announcement.)
(00:22:51) EricL_: If no comments we can move to general business.
(00:23:06) Sigrid: No comment from me.
(00:23:18) JeanW: You can see that nothing much has been going on.
(00:23:39) lin: No coment from me too.
(00:23:44) JeanW: What I wanted to talk about is the amount of funds in our account.
(00:23:58) lin: Ok, go on.
(00:24:12) JeanW: We’re very close to the $20,000 mark that would require us to have our accounts verified this year.
(00:24:31) JeanW: Nearly $10,000 of that is funds being held for the OpenFormula project.
(00:24:58) EricL_: Do you have a suggestion?
(00:25:04) JeanW: I’ve been attempting to organise with David Wheeler (the person in charge) to disperse these funds…
(00:25:23) JeanW: but he doesn’t seem to be receiving my emails.
(00:25:58) lin: I costs about $500 to have accounts audited down here (SEQ) so I guess that we don’t want that sort of expense.
(00:26:06) JeanW: I’m trying various ways to reach him through other people, and hope to get this sorted out reasonably soon.
(00:26:20) EricL_: What about OOoAuthors? Could they be encouraged to do, say, a better Calc guide?
(00:26:48) JeanW: Lin: A Head for Business charged a bit less for verificiaton a couple years ago, but still it’s a waste of money IMO.
(00:27:06) lin: What about having a Special General Meeting when you’re able to go on?
(00:27:24) lin: Yes, I agree that it is a waste.
(00:27:42) JeanW: Lin: sorry, I don’t understand re Special General Meeting.
(00:28:38) JeanW: Eric: yes, OOoAuthors has around $5,000. Would be good to spend some of that, too.
(00:29:11) lin: Well, SGMs can be held whenever the management committee has any sort of single objective/motion/business matter to put to the membership. It can be scheduled whenever you like and give the same notice as an AGM.
(00:29:32) Sigrid: JeanW: Maybe have an extra meeting, when you have a response from David Wheeler and you know what to do.
(00:30:05) lin: The business is not restricted and the meeting has the same powers as an AGM.
(00:30:56) JeanW: Lin and Sigrid: If I ever get in contact with David, the problem should go away (I don’t think we need a meeting for me to send out money that’s already been authorised). I just wanted to let people know what the situation is.
(00:31:30) JeanW: Regarding the OOoAuthors money:Last year around this time I asked on the OOoAuthors list how we might spend the surplus accumulating from sales of printed copies of the user guides. Some ideas were tossed around but no consensus was reached. One of the best ideas was to help the Indonesian translation effort, but the person behind that got an OOo grant instead.
(00:31:31) JeanW: This year I’d like to make a specific suggestion that people are more likely to accept, so we can actually put the money to use, instead of just having it sit there in an account that doesn’t even earn interest. (Last year we had around AUD 3,500; this year it’s around AUD 5,500.)
(00:31:31) JeanW: The question is: what to suggest?
(00:33:53) lin: One suggestion is to ban excess funds – from immediate needs – in an interest-bearing account – like Queensland Country Credit Union Ltd.
(00:34:07) lin: Bank – not ban!
(00:35:02) JeanW: Lin: I’ve thought of that. It might even earn enough to cover the auditor’s fee. 🙂
(00:36:18) lin: Maybe, just enough. But the alternative is to spend some – what is the prospect of spending to make more money?
(00:37:54) JeanW: When I finally get around to publishing the OOoAuthors books throught Lightning Source (so they get listed on Amazon.com), then that costs money but will probably bring in a lot more.
(00:38:00) lin: The other thing is that we need to think of what we might want to do if the Association winds up. The assets have to go somewhere being not to the membership. One of the Foundations would be my choice.
(00:38:34) JeanW: Lin: good point, and one that I was going to bring up as well.
(00:39:32) JeanW: Something for the Management Committee to investigate and recommend.
(00:39:57) JeanW: eskroni: Do you have any suggestions on spending the OOoAuthors money?
(00:40:24) lin: BTW Jean, I recently bought a book from Lulu http://www.lulu.com/ and it is very professionally produced. But I don’t think via Amazon listing.
(00:40:33) Sigrid: I’m trying to think of anything right now, but I guess, I need some more time. I don’t have an immediate idea.
(00:40:58) JeanW: Eric, at this point we could probably close the formal meeting and those interested can continue the discussion informally.
(00:41:01) lin: That is why it might be set aside for a SGM.
(00:41:56) JeanW: lin: the OOoAuthors books are only available through Lulu at this time. Someone else has republished them on Amazon, but we don’t get any money from those.
(00:42:00) EricL_: I agree. We seem to be on blue sky territory. I move we close the formal meeting at this point (so some people can get some sleep).
(00:42:20) JeanW: Eric: and you can hang out the laundry! 😉
(00:42:23) lin: A project to look at how to deal with superfluous money – shouldn’t be hard!
(00:42:32) EricL_: Damn!
(00:42:33) Sigrid: 🙂
(00:43:05) JeanW: Does anyone else have something to discuss?
(00:43:12) lin: Nope.
(00:43:21) Sigrid: no
(00:51:36) JeanW: If anyone comes up with any ideas about money or projects, please let me know by email. Otherwise, I guess we’ll just keep going as usual.
(00:51:58) lin: Cheers. Bye everyone…
(00:52:06) JeanW: Thanks for coming today, everyone.
(00:52:24) Sigrid: It was a nice meeting. 🙂
(00:52:31) Sigrid: I was glad to be here.
(00:52:38) JeanW: Sigrid: Give that wonderful man of yours a big hug for me, okay? 🙂
(00:52:47) Sigrid: Yeah, I will.
(00:54:14) JeanW: Eric: Going back to something you said, I had thought of suggesting payment to someone to write parts of the Calc Guide, but at this point I don’t know of anyone who could do a good job with it.
(00:55:18) JeanW: Good = knows enough to write about it.
(00:57:02) JeanW: Leaving now, folks. Have a good day!
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