Notice of General Meeting

The first general meeting of the Friends of OpenDocument Inc is to be held on the weekend of 15-16 October 2005.

Place: IRC, freenode, channel #odf

Time: UTC 22:00 Sat 15 Oct
equivalent times:
California- 15:00 Sat 15 Oct
NthAm east coast- 18:00 Sat 15 Oct
UK- 23:00 Sat 15 Oct
Australia east coast- 08:00 Sun 16 Oct

If you cannot attend, and wish to vote by proxy on any of the motions, please contact the Secretary, Jean Hollis Weber ( to have a proxy form emailed to you.

Please send any comments or questions related to this agenda to


1. Attendance and apologies.

2. Interim management committee’s report.

Motion 1:
That the interim management committee’s report be accepted.

3. Other motions to be voted on.

Motion 2:
That the number of members of the management committee be set at 5 (five).

Motion 3:
That the five people nominated for positions on the management committee be declared elected.

The nominees are as follows:
President: Eric Lindsay
Vice-President: Lin M Hall
Secretary/Treasurer: Jean Hollis Weber
Committee member: Adam Moore
Committee member: Linda Worthington

Motion 4:
That the appointment of an auditor be deferred until the management committee can find a suitable person.

Motion 5:
That the actions of the interim management committee (Eric Lindsay and Jean Hollis Weber) in setting up the bank account, PayPay account, and website be approved.

Motion 6:
That as soon as funds are available, Jean Hollis Weber will be reimbursed US$302 for expenses incurred in setting up the website.

The expenses (in US$) are as follows:


Amount Item
3Jun    142.80    Website space (30 month contract) + 1 domain name (
15Jul 9.95    Register 2nd domain name (
15Jul 11.45    Fee for domain alias (good until 12 Feb 07)
18Jul 79.00    Application fee for incorporation of association


14Sep 19.90    Domain registration fees for ODF (2 names)
14Sep 10.63    Domain alias fee for OpenDocumentFormat
14Sep 10.63    Domain alias fee for OpenDocumentFellowship
16Sep 17.87    Rubber stamp (legal requirement) (A$23.30)
Total 302.23   

4. Other business.

5. Close.

Jean Hollis Weber
Honorary Secretary

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