Management Committee’s Report July 2009 – Nov 2010

Publishing activities

This financial year we published four OOoAuthors books and one other book through
Getting Started with 3, 2nd edition (February 2010) 3 Writer Guide, 2nd edition (March 2010) 3 Calc Guide, 1st edition (June 2010) 3 Draw Guide, 1st edition (July 2010)
Self-Publishing using 3 Writer, by Jean Hollis Weber, October 2009

Sales of OOoAuthors books continue to be around 30-40 books per month; the number has increased with the publication of more volumes.


The Association continues to handle income and expenditure for the OpenDocument Fellowship and OOoAuthors. Details of their sub-accounts are linked from the summary Cash Flow Report.

The largest chunk of money in our account is being held as a special purpose donation to pay for work on the OpenFormula Project. A similar chunk of money is being held for OOoAuthors; this sum continues to grow with profits from book sales.

Disaster/succession planning

Jean has collected the domain names that FoOD is responsible for (,,, and into one account profile at one registrar. She will provide the access info to other committee members so someone else can manage and renew them if she is unavailable. (Part of a disaster management plan that every organisation should have; need to do website info too.)


One new member. We have not been actively recruiting.

Looking ahead

A fifth OOoAuthors book (OOo 3 Impress Guide) was published in November 2010.

Jean still intends to publish the OOoAuthors books through Lightning Source (LSI) to get them distributed through and other online bookstores, starting with the new books for OOo 3.3.

An offer has been made to The Document Foundation to publish printed copies of user guides for LibreOffice. The documentation team for LibreOffice are enthusiastic about this.

Jean has booked a stall in our name at the Open Day on Saturday 29th January 2011 in Brisbane. Eric and Jean will staff the stall, along with anyone (including OOo or LibO people) who want to assist. We will have the usual handouts, CDs, books, and other things about OpenDocument,, LibreOffice, and anything else relevant… the usual open day stall items. The stall itself is free and the organisers will be providing services such as copying of handouts. We have an OpenDocument banner.

Jean Hollis Weber
Honorary Secretary