Interim Management Committee’s report

The interim management committee consists of Eric Lindsay and Jean Hollis Weber.

In August 2005, we set up Friends of OpenDocument and filed for approval as an “incorporated asociation” in Queensland, Australia. The incorporation approval is dated 8 September 2005.

On 13 September 2005 we opened an account at the National Australia Bank (Airlie Beach branch) in the name of Friends of OpenDocument Inc. Signatories are Eric and Jean. Internet banking is enabled. That account has no money in it. There are no bank fees associated with the account.

Jean also opened a business PayPal account in the name of the group. It also has no money in it.

Jean authorised Daniel Carrera to set up a Google ads account in the name of the group. He did this on 13 October. The Google ads are appearing on the OpenDocument Fellowship website.

In June 2005 Jean had opened an account with and set up a website for FoOD. This site later became the ODF website. To ensure separation between the two organisations, on 5 October Jean opened a separate account with and moved the FoOD website there.

Page last updated 16 October 2005.