Management Committee’s Report Oct 2005 – Dec 2006

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Some highlights of the year

  • OpenDocument Fellowship has continued to develop its membership, activities, and website. The startup costs for ODF have been repaid. In July 2006 the Fellowship’s website was moved to a different server, so the original account we set up for them will be closed during 2007.

    FoOD is continuing to handle income and expenditure for the Fellowship. The fact that we provide an incorporated body for this purpose was a major factor in the Fellowship receiving a US$30,000 grant for software development work from an anonymous donor in October 2006. I think we can consider the Fellowship a major success for us in our role of providing startup assistance to other groups promoting OpenDocument.

  • In November 2005 Linda Worthington and I set up an account at for FoOD and published two books written by the team at OOoAuthors. Since then two other books in the series have been published. Members of OOoAuthors will decide how profits from these sales will be spent. Although we have purchased ISBNs for the books, we do not plan to buy a distribution service, because the books are likely to be updated too frequently for this to be economic.
  • In December 2005 Adam Moore and I worked with J. David Eisenberg to turn his HTML book “OASIS OpenDocument Essentials” into printed form; it was published in January 2006. David is donating any profits to the OpenDocument Fellowship.
  • We are discussing with KOffice about publishing their handbooks for v.2.0, due out around March of 2007. They are keen for us to do that, but some technical issues need to be resolved.
  • The Association is one of the founding members of the ODF Alliance, which was publicly announced on 3 March 2006.
  • The Association has several new members, but we are not actively recruiting.
  • Due to a misunderstanding between me and our webhost provider (Gisol), through whom the domain name was registered, that name did not get renewed when it came due in August 2006. We now have a .com domain name.
  • The Association had a display booth at the OASIS OpenStandards conference in Sydney in October 2006.

Jean Hollis Weber
Honorary Secretary

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