Notice of 2006 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the Friends of OpenDocument Inc is to be held on the weekend of 20-21 January 2007.

Place: IRC, freenode, channel #odfriend

Time: UTC 22:00 Sat 20 Jan
equivalent times:
California – 14:00 Sat 20 Jan
NthAm east coast – 17:00 Sat 20 Jan
UK – 22:00 Sat 15 Oct
Australia Queensland – 08:00 Sun 21 Jan
Australia Sydney, Melbourne – 0900 Sun 21 Jan

If you cannot attend, and wish to vote by proxy on any of the motions, please contact the Secretary, Jean Hollis Weber ( to have a proxy form emailed to you.

Please send any comments or questions related to this agenda to


1. Attendance and Apologies

2. Minutes

Motion 1:
That the minutes of the General Meeting held on 15 October 2005 be confirmed as an accurate account of the proceedings of that meeting.

3. Accounts

Motion 2:
That the statement of accounts for the 2005-2006 financial year be accepted.

4. Appointment of Auditor

Motion 3:
That A Head for Business P/L be appointed to audit the Association’s accounts for the financial period 01 July 2006-30 June 2007.

5. Election of Management Committee

Motion 4:
That the five people nominated for positions on the Management Committee, to serve until the next AGM, be declared elected.

The nominees are as follows:
President: Eric Lindsay
Vice-President: Lin M Hall
Secretary/Treasurer: Jean Hollis Weber
Committee member: Rob Unsworth
Committee member: Ana Young

Motion 5:
That a vote of thanks be given to Adam Moore and Linda Worthington, the two retiring members of the committee.

6. Management Committee’s Report

Here is the Management Committee’s report.

7. General business

8. Close

Jean Hollis Weber
Honorary Secretary

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