Management Committee’s Report July 2008 – Oct 2009

Publishing activities
This year we published two OOoAuthors books through
Getting Started with 3, 1st edition (October 2008) 3 Writer Guide, 1st edition (January 2009)

Sales of OOoAuthors books have varied between around 40 and 60 books per month, peaking in early 2009 with the publication of the new OOo3 books, but then dropping off.

The dropoff may be related to the appearance on of reprints of v2.x and v3.x books published by someone else, who is also republishing guides for other open source software (as allowed under the CC-BY and PDL licenses on the books). Because of this, Jean has stopped providing PDFs of the books formatted for 6×9-inch pages. The reprinter is now using the PDFs from the OOo-Docs website.

Despite the appearance of these republished copies, Jean still intends to publish the OOoAuthors books through Lightning Source (LSI) to get them distributed through and other online bookstores. However, she won’t do that until new 3.0 books (or second editions of existing 3.0 books) are ready, because LSI has setup and other fees which Lulu does not have.

There have been no other activities this year, despite some good suggestions arising from last year’s AGM. None of us has had time to follow through on those ideas.

The Association continues to handle income and expenditure for the OpenDocument Fellowship and OOoAuthors. Details of their sub-accounts are linked from the summary Cash Flow Report.

Because of the book sales, our bank account continues to grow. Each year Jean asks the OOoAuthors group how they want to spend their money. Ideas are tossed around, sometimes agreed upon, and then no follow-up action occurs.

The largest chunk of money in our account is being held as a special purpose donation to pay for work on the OpenFormula Project.

No change. We have not been actively recruiting.

Jean Hollis Weber
Honorary Secretary