Financial Report 2008-2009 (Admin)

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Income and Expenditure Statement (Admin)

For the year ended 30 June 2009

All figures in Australian dollars (AUD).

    Other Income  
       Adjustment 37.97
       Donations 117.77
       Interest 1.57
       Lulu sales service fee 184.79
    Other Income – TOTAL 342.10
 INCOME – TOTAL 342.10
 Opening retained funds 927.31

* Transactions in USD are recorded using the currency exchange rate at the time, but the end-of-year reconciliation uses the exchange rate effective on 30 June of each year. This year, USD3000 was transferred from Paypal to the NAB account when the exchange rate was unusually high, resulting in a large positive adjustment, which has been distributed among the groups.

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