Projects wish list

Collected and expanded from post-AGM discussion 16 November 2008. This list is also on Google Docs. If you want to directly edit the Google Docs page, send your gmail or google address to Jean (jeanweber -at- gmail -dot- com) with a request for access.

  1. Update and maintain Applications page at OpenDocument Fellowship.
  2. Contribute to Fellowship’s site in other ways, instead of using our own site? Example: Ideas for converting government from MSO to OOo, to supplement and build on what’s on that site already.
  3. Publish articles (on a blog?) about ODF in the real world. Aimed at users (including newbies), not developers; supplement what other groups are doing. Especially practical, how-to topics.
  4. Expand publishing activities, for example:
    1. Publish books written by other people or groups (not just OOoAuthors) and translations of OOoAuthors books.
    2. Expand distribution of the books we publish, for example publish them through Lightning Source so they get listed in and other online bookstores. (Jean has an account at Lightning Source that could be used.)
    3. Publish in several formats: HTML, printed, PDF, (wiki?).
    4. Publish shorter printed items (as pamphlets) for more focused topics.
  5. Revise, reorganise, and expand material on FoOD site and link to material on other sites such as OD Fellowship and ODF Alliance.
  6. Sell books through eBay, at least in Australia/New Zealand. This involves:
    1. Setting up FoOD account and store on eBay Australia, linked to our Paypal account.
    2. Buying a small number of books to keep as stock in Australia.
    3. Advertising the books on eBay, using “Buy It Now” feature.
    4. Fulfilling orders by posting books.
  7. Sell books through eBay in other countries? This requires someone in those areas to do fulfillment.