Log of AGM2008

This log of the AGM held on IRC on 15 November 2008 includes the informal discussion after the close of the formal meeting. It has been edited to remove unrelated topics such as Jean’s new house.

(08:01:48) Logging started.
JeanW: Eric, I think we should start. Will you officially start the meeting?
EricL_: Please start the meeting, since we are here
JeanW: First item: Attendance and Apologies. I have apologies and voting proxies from the following members: Michelle Hallett, Lars Noodén, Gerald Smith, Ana Young. Also Lin Hall if he doesn’t show up.
JeanW: I think that gives us a quorum for the meeting (we need 6).
EricL_: I concur.
JeanW: The second item is to approve the minutes of last year’s General Meeting, which are here: https://friendsofopendocument.com/?page_id=45
JeanW: Motion 1:
JeanW: That the minutes of the General Meeting held on 15-16 December 2007 be confirmed as an accurate account of the proceedings of that meeting.
JeanW: Please vote Yes (Y, or +1) or No (N, or -1)
EricL_: Yes
robuns: Y
eskroni: is it possible to abstain? Since I joined FoD only later.
JeanW: I vote Yes for myself and all the proxies.
JeanW: Sigrid: Yes, you can abstain.
eskroni: ok, so count abstain for me.
EricL_: I declare the motion to approve the minutes to be carried.
JeanW: Next item is the accounts for last year. Motion 2:
JeanW: That the statement of accounts (PDF) for the 2006-2007 financial year be accepted. https://friendsofopendocument.com/accounts/FoOD-Accounts2007-8.pdf
JeanW: I vote Yes for myself and all the proxies.
EricL_: Any discussion?
eskroni: yes
robuns: Y
eskroni: no discussion needed for me.
EricL_: Yes.
JeanW: Rob, I take it you don’t want to discuss the accounts?
EricL_: I declare the motion to accept the accounts to be carried.
robuns: No discussion from me, I was voting to approve
EricL_: Thanks for clarifying.
JeanW: OK, next item. Appointment of Auditor/Verifier. I’ll explain a bit about this.
JeanW: Auditing or verification is required if the Association’s assets or revenue exceeds specified values in a financial year ($100,000 for Level 1, $20,000-$100,000 for Level 2).
JeanW: Our first year, we had to be audited because we received two large donations.
JeanW: In the second year, we only had to be “verified” because our income and assets were in Level 2.
JeanW: This past financial year we were a level 3 organisation (under $20,000), so we did not need auditing or verification; all we needed was a signed statement from the President and Treasurer, which is included in the PDF statement of accounts mentioned above.
JeanW: So that is the background for the next motion. Motion 3:
JeanW: That A Head for Business P/L be appointed to audit or verify the Association’s accounts for the financial period 01 July 2008-30 June 2009, if auditing or verification is required.
JeanW: Any discussion?
robuns: Not from me, I know the process
EricL_: Not from me.
eskroni: Does auditing or verifying mean, that we have to pay a “company” to do this for us?
EricL_: Yes.
eskroni: ok
JeanW: Oh, I might add that A Head for Business P/L is the company that did our audit and verification in the past.
JeanW: Sigrid, there are rules on who is qualified to do audits. I tried to find someone qualified who would do it for us for free, but I was unsuccessful.
EricL_: If there is no further discussion, I will now ask you to vote.
JeanW: I vote Yes for myself and all the proxies.
EricL_: Yes.
eskroni: no problem. If this is required, we have to do it.
eskroni: I vote yes.
robuns: I vote Yes
EricL_: I declare the motion to provisionally appoint an auditor to be carried.
JeanW: Next item: Election of Management Committee. The nominees are as follows:
JeanW: President: Eric Lindsay
JeanW: Vice-President: Lin M Hall
JeanW: Secretary/Treasurer: Jean Hollis Weber
JeanW: Committee member: Rob Unsworth
JeanW: Committee member: Ana Young
JeanW: Are there any additional nominations?
eskroni: I don’t remember any additional nominations.
JeanW: If there are no additional nominations, please vote on Motion 4:
JeanW: That the five people nominated for positions on the Management Committee, to serve until the next AGM, be declared elected.
JeanW: Sigrid, AGM = Annual General Meeting.
eskroni: thanks Jean
JeanW: Australian jargon. 🙂

JeanW: I vote Yes for myself and all the proxies.
EricL_: Yes.
eskroni: I vote yes
robuns: I vote Yes
EricL_: I declare the Managemeent Committee elected.
lin1 [n=lin@C-61-69-198-98.for.connect.net.au] entered the room.
JeanW: Hello, Lin!
EricL_: Hi Lin.
lin1: At last!
JeanW: You just got re-elected to the Mgt Ctte along with the rest of us.
JeanW: We just finished item 5 on the agenda.
lin1: Kewl. I’m pleased that I didn’t hold you up.
JeanW: So far everything on the agenda has been approved. No surprises.
JeanW: Lin and Sigrid, I think you have met at ODF?
JeanW: Lin, “eskroni” is Sigrid Kronenberger.
lin1: Thanks
JeanW: OK, next item is the Management Committee’s report. https://friendsofopendocument.com/?page_id=78
JeanW: We don’t have to vote on this, but we can discuss any items on it that you want.
JeanW: We can combine this item with “General Business” — that is, any topics anyone wants to discuss.
lin1: The change in the rules for not-for-profits has been a welcome advance. It allows small associations to operate much cheaper.
JeanW: Yes!
lin1: If you need a Motion to accept the report, I so move.
JeanW: Our payment for a certificate of verification was much less than for auditing, and this past year we have no cost because we don’t even need to be verified.
JeanW: Re motion to accept management committee report, good idea. Thanks, Lin.
JeanW: Seconder?
JeanW: (I wrote it, so I probably should not second.)
eskroni: Me. 🙂 I second.
JeanW: Thanks, Sigrid.
JeanW: I vote Yes for myself and all the proxies.
EricL_: Yes.
robuns: I vote yes
lin1: Yes
eskroni: yes
EricL_: I declare the motion to accept the management committee report carried.
JeanW: Does anyone have any other topics to discuss?
lin1: No. You’re doing a good job. Thanks to secretary are due.
eskroni: I agree, Lin.
lin1: Faint sound of clapping 🙂
JeanW: 🙂 Thanks, Lin.
robuns: I was too busy clapping to comment
JeanW: I’d like to do more things, but I would have to clone myself to find the time. Probably what I should do is try to recruit some more people who do have some time.
lin1: Oh, I hear it louder now…
lin1: What are you trying to do that could be delegated?
JeanW: Two thinks I would like to do is keep the website a bit more up to date (for example, using a blog), and expand our publishing activities.
JeanW: “Expand our publishing activities” could include a great many things.
robuns: Jean I work with websites for our Lions District, perhaps I could help
JeanW: Rob, that would be great, but I thought you had no time either?
robuns: True, but it shouldn’t take that much time
JeanW: I don’t know just what else to put on the website that isn’t duplicating what the OpenDocument Fellowship or some other group is doing.
JeanW: Perhaps we should talk about it after the meeting?
robuns: OK, I’ll hang around
JeanW: (If anyone else wants to hang around and talk after the meeting is officially closed, that’s okay too.)
lin1: With Blogger (that I use) you can have more than one contributor, maybe they are all much the same – so it just needs a start and then we coulc all contribute?
eskroni: Sounds like a good idea.
EricL_: As there are no further items relevant to the meeting, I will declare the meeting closed. However please hang around and discuss anything.
lin1: Yair, I’ll be here a while too.
JeanW: Thanks, Eric.
EricL_: Jean puts a lot of work into this activity. Relevant help would be very nice.
JeanW: Lin, yes Rob or I could set up a blog that several people could contribute to.
eskroni: But more important, what would you talk about in the Blog?
robuns: Jean, what type of hosting do you have
JeanW: Sigrid, that’s a *very* good question!
JeanW: Rob, I’m using WordPress for the website, which is hosted on Dreamhost. They have a lot of software available in addition to WordPress.
eskroni: I have a problem, finding topics to talk about, that are somewhat relevant to ODF.
JeanW: Sigrid: I have the same problem! Mostly all I do is report news items.
lin1: I’ve looked at WordPress often and am impressed by the range of options. That would be a good place to start from, as a base.
robuns: I find most of discussions way over my head so I have little to say
eskroni: Maybe we could brainstorm and find some topics that we want to talk about? (Not only ODF)
robuns: My greatest claim to fame is I stated in 1982 that one format for all word processors would be a good idea, they all laughed at me.
JeanW: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you….”
lin1: Maybe, Rob, that is the answer. I get so frustrated with stuff way over my head – like how to use IRC 🙂 so maybe trying to serve the newbies?
eskroni: Lin: Good idea.
JeanW: Lin, your comment reminds me of some ideas I was kicking around a few years ago, but didn’t have time to pursue. I’ll look for my notes (not right now).
lin1: Expanding a little. Just doing the really simple stuff but making the processes very newbie-friendly, careful and illustrated, and available to people. It costs so much for printed material and you have to take it all in one volume, like it or not.
lin1: I’d have to lean how to embed pictures into a blog 🙁
JeanW: If I had time to write some articles (more than news items), I’d like to talk about practical things, like how to do stuff, for users. There seems to be lots for developers and other geeks, but not the rest of us.
lin1: Agree, jean.
robuns: Some times simplifying an explanation is all some people need to understand the subject
JeanW: Lin, if we did get some things written on the website, we could potentially also publish them in PDF (even free) through Lulu, or do little low-cost pamphlets (also through Lulu) — wouldn’t have to be full books.
JeanW: I have lots of plans for specifically OpenOffice.org related howto’s for my own OOo website, but I never get around to it.
eskroni: I would be willing to help with these efforts as well (writing some easy to understand explanations)
JeanW: Sigrid: sounds of *loud* clapping!
robuns: Unfortunately for me writing is not my strong point, I do get there, but it take some time.
lin1: What you could do is manage, rather than work, and set tasks that we could contribute to? Or just leave a bunch of ideas for work in our email?
JeanW: Lin, yes I’m good at that — throwing out ideas for other people to work on.
eskroni: 🙂
lin1: And I do a lot of blogging writing and a lot of manual reading, so I could work with your ideas – both in Win & Linux OS.
JeanW: Rob, if you want to work on the website, I can set up an account for you.
JeanW: Lin, also if you write anything that could be recycled onto our website or blog, that would help.
robuns: Jean, Ok then I can have a look around and get the feel of the site
JeanW: Rob, I’ll try to find time today to set it up, because I’ll be away on Monday through Wednesday (have to go to Townsville).
lin1: Ok, but mostly I write about local government and local issues for SE Qld. Not really OOo stuff
JeanW: Heh, probably not — unless you’re trying to get them to use ODF instead of MSO.
lin1: However, give me a lead and I’ll work on it.
eskroni: yes, throw out some ideas, so that I can start as well…
JeanW: Does everyone have a Google account? I could set up a spreadsheet or something on Google Docs, with ideas. Then people could comments and add their own ideas, and put their name down to do things.
lin1: And i am trying to get the Logan council to switch. It is like getting blood from stone! Maybe that’s another avenue? Ideas for converting government to OOo? It seems like there is a groundswell against MS gerrymandering the ISO people.
eskroni: Not yet.
lin1: Yep, I use Google Docs. You’ll get me at linmhall@gmail.com all the time.
JeanW: Lin, that’s the sort of thing we (Daniel Carrera, mostly) made a start at on the OpenDocument Fellowship, but that hasn’t been kept up to date… along with a lot of other pages on that website that I used to help take care of. All of us got too busy doing other things.
lin1: Maybe I have to bite the bullet and add that to my responsibilities – an a shared basis?
JeanW: Some ideas really might better be pursued on the Fellowship’s website, rather than duplicating.
JeanW: We could link from FoOD to ODFellowship, and maybe put a note on the FoOD blog (when we have them) pointing people to the Fellowship’s site.
lin1: Whatever, just so that we all know where to look and we get reminded by emailed newsletter or something. Yes, do keep the fellowship’s resources in hand.
robuns: Having links to/from other sites is good for SEO
JeanW: Rob, good point.
lin1: What is “SEO” please?
JeanW: Search Engine Optimisation
robuns: Search engine optomisation
lin1: Oh :-*
robuns: SEO is the art of having your site listed higher in search engine results
JeanW: The “Applications” page at the Fellowship is getting very out of date. Some time ago there was a lot of discussion about making it searchable and doing various other enhancements, but nothing happened and around the same time I (and others) stopped updating the page.
robuns: Yeah we are a class act
JeanW: I’m sure that if we started updating that page, everyone would be delighted.
lin1: Well, I wouldn’t mind taking the responsibility of seeing that it is up-to-date most of the time. I’ll be very cranky about non-contributors but.
JeanW: There are other pages on the Fellowship’s website that could benefit from updating too, but that’s the most conspicuous.
lin1: Sorry Sigrid, I meant that if I was to be given the task of keeping it going I would have to get you all working too.
lin1: One thing at a time please. Do the conspicuous ones first.
JeanW: Lin, agreed.
lin1: Jean, what id the URL please?
JeanW: http://opendocumentfellowship.com/applications
lin1: Fangs.
JeanW: Perhaps a discussion about the Apps page could take place on the ODF-discuss list, too. One thing we might do is consider how to simplify that page.
lin1: Ow! I’ve just looked. I’ll email you about it later Jean.
lin1: Yes.
JeanW: One thing that page needs is to have obsolete items removed, and renamed products corrected.
lin1: I can do that research this coming week. Anyone who knows anything is wrong, just off-hand, let me know at that gmail address please.
JeanW: I have been saving the notes on new/changed products and/or ones that need to be checked, that were posted (mostly by Marbux or Lars) on the ODF-discuss list.
JeanW: I’ll try to find them and pass them on to you.
lin1: Jean, I can either send you stuff to update the site or do something other that you decide? Either in HTML or in ordinary text format.
lin1: I have to say that I have not been attentive to ODF lists and stuff so if you point me at URLs etc, I can go from there.
JeanW: Lin, you mean send me stuff for updating the ODFellowship site? Would be better if someone else did the updating, because I just don’t find the time to do it even when I know what needs doing.
eskroni: Lin: for updating the applications list, you don’t need to write something in HTML. The website uses Drupal.
eskroni: It should be possible, that you just register yourself as a member and then you can update it easily.
JeanW: Sigrid, that Apps page is fairly confusing to work on, because it’s all in tables. Unlike most of the pages on that website, which are much easier to edit.
robuns: It is a simple mater of typing with a few controls for headings etc
lin1: Thanks Sigrid. I didn’t see that in my brief look just a few minutes ago.
JeanW: Rob, the Apps page is definitely *not* simple to edit.
robuns: Ok, did,t realise it was using tables
JeanW: Proper tables, of data.
JeanW: And the tables are in fact in HTML.
robuns: I should have looked at the page, the tables are obvious
lin1: As for the web pages, we (I or whoever) will just have to sort it out. If I can help Jean with that I’ll just have to learn! And I can bet on your help, all of you, I guess.
robuns: Lin, just ask
eskroni: yes, same for me.
lin1: Yair, I know where you live Rob. There’ll be a knock on your door one dark night…
JeanW: Lin, if you can do the research, we’ll make sure the page gets updated, even if it means persuading someone else to do it. 😉
lin1: Ok, everyone, you’ve overwhelmed me with support. Just get back to me on email for that task. I’ll try my best.
JeanW: Any other ideas to talk about now? It must be getting late in Germany.
eskroni: oh, it`s close to 1 AM. 🙂 But it’s sunday… 😉
lin1: No.
JeanW: I’ll set up an account for Rob on the FoOD website, and something in Google Docs for all of us to contribute to.
JeanW: I will also get the minutes written and on the website.
JeanW: Lin, I’ll contact you by email.
lin1: Yep. Thanks.
JeanW: Sigrid, thanks for coming and for the good ideas.
robuns: Thanks Jean
eskroni: 🙂 it was a pleasure.
robuns: sorry for my silence I am having another meeting on the phone
JeanW: Rob, no problem. We’re pretty much done, I think. I’ll hang around for awhile longer in case you or Sigrid have anything else to say.
JeanW: Rob, The functionality of WordPress keeps expanding, too, much of it using extensions. I have learned how to have more than one template in a single site (that doesn’t need an extension) and do some other tweaking, but I really need to learn a bit more PHP before I can do as much as I’d like.
JeanW: Or perhaps a lot more PHP.
robuns: I need to know a lot more PHP, I did modifications to the template with fingers crossed.
robuns: I always function with the belief that you can always go back to where you went wrong, so trying something has no fear for me.
JeanW: True, and same here.
JeanW: Well, Eric’s just left. Shall we conclude this chat?
robuns: Where most CMS have their value for a community is in the ability to log on with editor priveleges and work as you would with a word processor.
JeanW: Rob, yes, I’ve set up some techno-newbies on WordPress for exactly that reason. I haven’t tried setting up a community site yet, though I’ve obviously used them.
robuns: BTW jean I think I discovered why you didn’t think ICQ was suitable for a meeting. Sending to multiple reciepients is not automatic you have to select the reciepients each message you send. It’s design is more suitable to one on one.
robuns: I can’t spell recipients 🙂
robuns: Jean, If there is nothing else to discuss, I should go.
JeanW: Thanks for coming, Rob! I’ll be in touch about the website.