New book: Self-publishing using LibreOffice Writer 6

UPDATE: Lulu has changed its website and its publishing process. Therefore, the section on “Using Lulu’s publishing service” in Chapter 16 of this book is out of date. Many things have not been working for publishers, but they are slowly getting fixed. Jean intends to rewrite that section when the site is working properly again.

Self-publishing with LibreOffice Writer 6We have published Jean Hollis Weber’s new book, Self-publishing using LibreOffice Writer 6: How to use free software to write, design, and create ebooks and PDFs for print-on-demand books.

Printed copies are available from for US$16.00. Pay at

Download PDF here. Cost is US$5.00, on the honor system. Please pay using the button below (Paypal or credit card). If you buy a printed copy, you are welcome to a free copy of the PDF.

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