ODF News Items 2010

These news items are copied from the OpenDocument Fellowship’s website.

5 Dec 2010
ODF TC Creates Advanced Document Collaboration Subcommittee, Rob Weir
“The OASIS ODF Technical Committee voted a couple of weeks ago to create a new subcommittee, on ‘Advanced Document Collaboration’. Robin LaFontaine, from DeltaXML will chair the subcommittee.”

8 Sept 2010
Interop Demo Illustrates Breadth and Power of ODF to Handle Enterprise, Academic and Gov. Needs, David LeDuc, ODF Alliance Weblog
“OASIS held the ODF 1.2 Interoperability Demonstration to showcase support for ODF 1.2 and the interoperability across eight implementations… both open source and commercial software applications processing ODF documents on the desktop, in the cloud and on mobile devices…”

29 July 2010
ODF proposed as Indonesian National Format, Detikinet (in Indonesian)
Google translation to English can be read here.
“After all of the computers in government agencies migrated to Open Source is completed in late 2011, the government also plans to migrate all the important documents of the country using open document formats (Open Document Format / ODF).”

12 July 2010
ODF 1.2 60-day Public Review Started, Rob Weir
This is the first public review of the complete ODF 1.2, all the parts, including for the first time the OpenFormula draft.

June 2010
KDE’s OdfKit Hack Week is going on.
OdfKit is a branch of WebKit and should make it easy to write applications with simple but correct ODF support.

May 2010
ODF Turns Five
A Look Back on the Journey to a Mature Open Standard Document Format. May 1, 2010, marked the fifth anniversary of the OpenDocument Format’s approval as an OASIS Standard (OpenDocument v1.0 specification). The ODF Alliance has prepared this brief summary and timeline of ODF’s key milestones of the last five years.

April 2010
Notes from ODF Plugfest in Granada, Day One, Marco Fioretti
“The ODF Plugfest is a Conference whose goal is to to achieve the maximum interoperability between competing applications, platforms and technologies in the area of digital document sharing, and to promote the OpenDocument format (ODF). This page… is a short technical summary, primarily aimed at developers, of what happened during the first day of the conference.”

Final Notes from the ODF Plugfest in Granada, Marco Fioretti

14 March 2010
Public review of “The State of ODF Interoperability”, Rob Weir
“The OASIS ODF Interoperability and Conformance TC… initial “State of ODF Interoperability” report has now gone out for public review… to participate in the public review, see the OASIS announcement.”

3 February 2010
What would ODF support for WordPress look like?, Bob Sutor
“Thinking of WordPress as a content management system, importing an ODF file means taking a word processing, presentation, or spreadsheet document and putting into a form that can be saved and displayed by WordPress…”

29 January 2010
Denmark opts for ODF, ODF Alliance
“…beginning 1 April 2011 governmental authorities in Denmark will be obligated to be able to send and receive documents in formats included in a reference list of open standard formats. ODF is unique as the only editable format listed…”

25 January 2010
ODF 1.2 Part 1 Public Review, Rob Weir
“A major milestone was reached for the OASIS ODF TC today. The latest Committee Draft of ODF 1.2 Part 1 was sent out for a 60-day public review.”

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